OctoLSD is the first LSD LAADP (LSD Liquidity aggregation and distribution protocol), which is governed by OctoDAO and aims to unlock the great potential of LSD.

By aggregating LSD assets and distributing them to various application scenarios, OctoLSD provides a more efficient and accessible way to manage and deploy LSD assets.

On one hand, OctoLSD concentrates LSD liquidity by aggregating various LSD assets and employs an LSD swap mechanism to achieve extremely low trading slippage. Additionally, OctoLSD supports the conversion of various LSD assets into a unified OcETH, making it more convenient for circulation.

On the other hand, OctoLSD distributes LSD liquidity to various DeFi projects through its Launchpad. For DeFi projects, utilizing the Launchpad can attract more LSD assets and attention. For users, providing liquidity to pools in the Launchpad will yield returns far greater than just LSD interest rates.

Additionally, OctoDAO will launch a stablecoin based on LSD called $LSDD and will continue to promote the use of OcETH (such as becoming a reserve asset for mainstream stablecoins like DAI), enriching the application scenarios of LSD.

And various financial scenarios will be extended in the future based on the Ethereum Benchmark Interest Rate and bond theory.

Ethereum Benchmark Interest Rate

It is worth mentioning that we introduce the powerful and innovative concept: Ethereum Benchmark Interest Rate.

The Ethereum staking yield (approximately 5%) can be roughly regarded as the benchmark interest rate or bond yield in traditional finance. Meanwhile, various LSD assets can be seen as certificates of deposit or bond assets issued based on ETH collateral.

The Ethereum Benchmark Interest Rate brings basic interest rate support to Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem. Its influence on DeFi will be no less than the benchmark rate in traditional finance.

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