$Octo War

LSD Summer is coming. More and more DeFi apps will issue their own LSD or compete for LSD liquidity. And OctoLSD can help them attract LSD & ETH liquidity very well.

Attract LSD&ETH liquidity

DeFi protocols that want to get more LSD or ETH liquidity can create their own LaunchPad Pool on OctoLSD, and strive for higher APR ($veOcto rewards) for their own Pool, so as to attract more OcETH holders Someone will provide liquidity.

Voting is required for both "adding new pools" and "striving more $veOcto rewards for pools". And more $veOcto means more voting power(or bribery $veOcto holders).

This will cause a scramble for $veOcto and its governance value, which is called Octo War (just like Curve War). It is essentially a LSD&ETH liquidity war.

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