After aggregating various LSD assets, the LSD LAAD protocol will open up to various DeFi applications related to LSD, enriching the application scenarios of OcETH and providing high-quality LSD liquidity for these DeFi applications.

We will also bring OctoLSD to L2 (such as Arbitrum and ZKsync), to release the greater potential of LSD.


We are issuing a stablecoin called LSD-Dollar (LSDD), which is backed by over-collateralized LSD and maintained through an automatic liquidation mechanism. We believe that the issuance of this stablecoin will help unlock LSD liquidity and provide users with a more reliable payment method.

In addition to issuing stablecoins on our own, we also plan to promote OcETH as the underlying collateral for mainstream stablecoins such as DAI. An MKR purchase program may be included in this plan, to support our proposals and voting. (Tips: See more future plans in Roadmap!).

We believe that these efforts will help improve our stability and provide users with a better experience.


LSD-related DeFi protocols can create LaunchPad pools, to attract OcETH & LSD holders to provide liquidity.

The initial Pools are selected by the community and partners to ensure security. New Launchpad Pools can be added through OctoDAO proposals and voting. The distribution ratio of the $veOcto among various Pools is also decided by OctoDAO voting.

It is an important factor in triggering the Octo War. (See more details in $Octo War !)

OcETH & LSD holders can stake their assets into Pools to earn higher returns(Triple rewards).

  • LSD yields (such as the appreciation of rETH)

  • Liquidity yields: Rewards from LSD-related Apps to liquidity providers

  • $veOcto rewards of the LaunchPad Pool

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