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With attractive APR and rich application scenarios, OctoLSD can concentrate a large number of LSD assets. By consolidating dispersed LSD, unprecedented low-slippage LSD swaps will be provided.
Further, Octo also launched OcETH, which is a representative of various LSDs, which is more convenient for unified pricing and circulation.


$OcETH is supported by a series of underlying collateral assets of LSD, which represents LSD liquidity.
Deposit LSD to Mint $OcETH. Redeem $OcETH to get LSD back.
The price of $OcETH fluctuates based on the rebalancing mechanism, which ensures that the component tokens remain in the most reasonable proportion. It aims to achieve the best ratio based on liquidity, security, interest, and OctoDAO participation, and any deviation from the best ratio will result in temporary arbitrage opportunities, which will push the ratio toward the best ratio.
This rebalancing mechanism ensures that $OcETH always maintains its value and is the best representative of the underlying assets.
Initially supports several mainstream and reliable LSD types: stETH, frxETH, rETH.
If new LSD types are to be added, they can be proposed and voted on through the OctoDAO.

LSD swap

OctoLSD allows users to exchange various underlying LSD assets through $OcETH.
For example, you can swap stETH for rETH, or swap $OcETH for stETH.
0.1% service fee will be charged for LSD Swap, which will go into the OctoLSD treasury.